Originating well-positioned opportunities for Real Estate Investors

Population Growth

Greater Phoenix is one of the fastest growing large metropolitan areas in the country. The metro area’s population has increased 29.1% since 2000 which is nearly three times the U.S. increase of only 10.9% during the same period. The current population for Metro Phoenix is 4.5 million. 

Employment Growth

Over the last several decades, Greater Phoenix has consistently ranked among the top metropolitan areas for employment growth, even leading the country in some years. The typical cycle in Phoenix contemplates a strong recovery after any contraction in employment. Currently, job growth in Phoenix is strongly rebounding from the previous down cycle, which creates an excellent environment for real estate investors. The metro area’s qualified workforce and low cost of doing business will continue to attract employers from neighboring regions seeking a more friendly business environment.

Quality of Living

Strong population and employment growth are a result of the high quality of living enjoyed in Metropolitan Phoenix. Affordable cost of living, modern transportation infrastructure, contemporary amenities, moderate climate, abundant job opportunities, and an accommodative business environment all attract companies and people to Metropolitan Phoenix.

Market Knowledge

G2 Capital is specialized within the office and industrial sectors and only invests in Metropolitan Phoenix. This strategy promotes an unequaled degree of specialization resulting in potentially high risk-adjusted returns for our investors. The principals of G2 Capital have been involved in the acquisition and disposition of over $1.2 billion of commercial real estate, all of which is located in Metropolitan Phoenix.